Texas Woman's University

Online Educator Symposium

26 August 2010


and for the "1001 Things" at the Texas Library Association Conference

Austin, Texas

12 April 2011



Engaging Students Using Web 2.0 Tools: Communication, Collaboration, and Competence


Copresented by Judi Moreillon, Assistant Professor, and Liz Sikes, Graduate Assistant, School of Library and Information Studies

Texas Woman's University

Denton, Texas


Track: Teaching and Learning


"Learning and Teaching in a 21st-Century Constructivist Learning Environment"

by Judi Moreillon


With instructor and graduate assistant modeling, graduate students in one hybrid and two online courses use Web 2.0 tools (wikis, Animoto, Prezi, Glogster, VoiceThread, Voki, and more) to engage with one another and the greater learning community to successfully build collaborative partnerships and integrate 21st-century tools into their own learning and teaching.



Communication: Instructor and G.A. Modeling


Collaboration: Promoting Collaboration Among Students and Between Students and Instructor


Competence: Learning Products that Demonstrate Competence


Poster Presentation (.ppt) 


Free Web 2.0 Tools Used by Students/Teachers in Our Courses


Free Wiki Tools Used by Students/Teachers in Our Courses




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Graduate Assistant Liz Sikes -


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