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School librarian candidates prepare to take on leadership in the learning community by developing communication skills. These assignments promote communication among students and between students and faculty. In our courses, both the professor and the graduate assistant model 21st-century communication using Web 2.0 tools as well as "traditional" means (email, discussion board postings, and annoucements).


Texas State Board of Educator Certification Standards (SBEC)

Standard II. (1) Advocate for the development of an exemplary library media program that encourages a vision of excellence for all learners.  (LS5443: Persuasive Presentation on Information Literacy; LS5333/LS5443: Marketing and Advocacy Project) 

Standard V. (3) Implement strategies for effective internal and external communications. (LS5333/LS5443/LS5633: Collaborative Work Assignments) 




Course Introductions (Using VoiceThread and Video) - Judi Moreillon, Instructor


How to Grade Wiki Projects (Using Gizmoz) - Liz Sikes

All Courses: http://www.gizmoz.com/newsite/presite/itemPage.jsp?partner=studio&scene=17772404


Student Communications Page - Blackboard Wiki


Students record their individual wikis and social networking IDs (Facebook, Twitter, Chat Accounts)



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