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School librarian candidates prepare to take on the instructional partnership role in the learning community by developing collaboration skills. These assignments promote collaboration among students working in partners and small groups.


Texas State Board of Educator Certification Standards (SBEC)

Standard I. (1) Participate as an educational leader, an equal partner, and a change agent in the curriculum development process at both the campus and district levels. (LS5443: Persuasive Presentation on Information Literacy) 

Standard I. (3) Model and promote collaborative planning, cooperative teaching, and direct instruction as determined by learners' needs and state curriculum standards. (LS5333/LS5443/LS5633: Collaborative Lesson Plan Project) 

Standard I. (5) Work collaboratively with faculty to provide students with opportunities to assume responsibility for planning and engaging in independent learning. (LS5333/LS5443/LS5633: Collaborative Lesson Plan Project) 

Standard II. (4) Establish partnerships within the learning community to support district and campus goals through exemplary library programs. (LS5333/LS5443/LS5633: Collaborative Lesson Plan Project) 

Standard II. (8) Collaborate with faculty to ensure that the process of evaluating and selecting library resources provides curriculum-related and leisure reading materials. (LS5333/LS5443/LS5633: Collaborative Lesson Plan Project) 


Wikispaces for Collaborative Partnerships:


Course Wikis - where students link their own work

LS5443: Librarians as Instructional Partners: http://ls5443.wikispaces.com

LS5633: The Art of Storytelling: http://ls5633.wikispaces.com



All Courses - Individual student wikis

Educator sample student wiki example: http://ls5443samplewiki.wikispaces.com/

Student example: http://librarylearner5443.wikispaces.com/LP+Deconstruction+Graphic+Organizer


LS5443: Librarians as Instructional Partners

Portraits of a Collaborator: http://ls5443.wikispaces.com/Collaborator_Portraits

LS5443: Assignment and Rubric




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