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School librarian candidates prepare to take on leadership in the learning community involving competence in all five roles: leader, instructional partner, information specialist, teacher, and program administrator.


Texas State Board of Educator Certification Standards (SBEC)

Standard I. (4) Direct and encourage students in the ethical use of resources to locate, gather, select, synthesize, and evaluate relevant information. (Portrait of a Collaborator Project, Classroom-Library Collaboration Mini-Case Study Project; Citations in Discussion Postings)

Standard I. (6) Adapt teaching strategies to accommodate the diverse learning needs of the student population. (LS5333/LS5443/LS5633: Collaborative Lesson Plan Project)

Standard I. (8) Provide and promote ongoing learning opportunities for students, particularly in the areas of integration of information technology and information literacy. (Persuasive Presentation on Information Literacy, LS5333/LS5443/LS5633: Collaborative Lesson Plan Project)

Standard II. (2) Synthesize information from a variety of sources for effective decision making to develop and maintain an exemplary library program. (Persuasive Presentation)

Standard III. (2) Model and promote the highest standard of conduct, ethics, and integrity in the use of the Internet and other print and electronic resources. (LS5443: Portrait of a Collaborator Project, LS5443: Classroom-Library Collaboration Mini-Case Study Project; LS5633: Final Storytelling Project (digital option); LS5333/LS5443: Citations in Discussion Postings) 

Standard III. (5) Model information problem-solving processes in providing instruction about reference and research techniques. (LS5443: Persuasive Presentation on Information Literacy) 

Standard VI. (2) Understand the role of the school library media program as a central element in the intellectual life of the school. (LS5333/LS5443/LS5633: Collaborative Lesson Plan Project)


LS5333: School Library Media Center and LS5443: Librarians as Instructional Partners

Marketing and Advocacy Project

Tools: Voki, podcasting, wikis and more...

Pioneer School Library: http://twupioneerschoollibrary.pbworks.com/ 


LS5333: Assignment and Rubric

LS5443: Assignment and Rubric


LS5633: The Art of Storytelling

Final (Traditional Story) Storytelling Project

Tools: Video, MovieMaker


LS5633: Assignment and Rubric


LS5443: Librarians as Instructional Partners

Persuasive Presentation: Inquiry and Research Methods

Tools: Various Web 2.0

Student example: http://goanimate.com/movie/0P43sQ8Gtvps?utm_source=linkshare

LS5443: Assignment and Rubric


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